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Bingo Player of the Year 2017 - Stirling

Posted: Tuesday 19 December 2017

Every year Carlton Stirling reward and recognise the customer who make the most visits and plays the most bingo across the entire year. This person become the Bingo Player of the year for the club. The 2017 award went to Anne Malley who is  a true bingo die hard!

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Stirling Club trip to Blackpool October

Posted: Tuesday 31 October 2017

We do love a trip away at Carlton bingo Stirling. We set off on our travels again in October 2017 for our second Blackpool trip of the year. Bingo on the bus on the way down coupled with the bubbly flowing got the weekend off to a flying start.
Staying on a lovely promenade hotel we had a perfect view of the illuminations while we enjoyed the bingo and brilliant live entertainment in the hotel.

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Ladies Night at Carlton Stirling

Posted: Tuesday 31 October 2017

What’s not to love? Bingo, Prosecco and Exotic Male dancers. We were joined on 28th October by over 300 ladies for another fantastic Carlton Bingo event. After the evening bingo session those who bought a ticket were able to stay and enjoy the exotic dances strut their stuff and entertain the baying crowd.

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Heather's Leaving Night & MacMillan Charity Finale

Posted: Friday 07 July 2017

One our longest serving and popular staff members Heather recently left us through ill health and The team at Carlton Stirling wanted to do something for her.

Over the period of a month we were collecting money for Heathers chosen charity MacMillan Cancer support. The final event was Heathers leaving party on 26th June where our staff were bracing the shave.

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Stirling Club trip to Blackpool

Posted: Friday 19 May 2017

Once again we were joined by over 50 customers for a weekend of fun. Leaving on Friday and returning on Monday- everyone had a brilliant weekend. Friday Night was bingo, in the hotel and at the local club in Blackpool, followed by the Viva Vegas show in one of the resorts Main cabaret venues. This was followed up by the Outrageous Joey Blower Comedian show. One customer described the weekend as “absolutely amazing from we left Stirling until we got Back”.

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Mother's Day - Stirling

Posted: Wednesday 19 April 2017

Mothers day is becoming one of the busiest and best days of the year at Carlton Stirling. We were joined on the afternoon by over 300 mums, Grannies, Great Grannies and Aunties for our annual party.

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Stirling Re-Launch Party

Posted: Saturday 08 April 2017

Following our huge refurbishment we had a celebratory party night on the 8th of April (like we need a reason to have a party at Carton Stirling) We were joined by 400 bingo-lovers who enjoyed our “all your bingo for a fiver “ session and 2 live cabarets.

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National Winner at Stirling!

Posted: Tuesday 21 February 2017

Following one of our members winning the clubs Biggest Ever Prize on Monday Night 30th January we had a party night to celebrate. Julie won herself a massive £270,000.

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