Carlton Stirling Goes Barmy

Back Posted: Monday 29 April 2019


Saturday Night 27th April we had our latest Barmy Bingo Session. For those who haven’t been before it's late night bingo, starting at 9.30pm running until 12am.

It's Bingo with a twist… Dancing, music, outrageous costumes and a few sweary words. It's definitely not for the feint hearted.

We had one of our customers, Margaret a 75 year old on stage dancing for her prize… which turned out to be a Sony Playstation!

Barmy Margaret

Our hosts were Team Leader Christopher Graham supported by Matt, Kerry and Tracy who all put on a fantastic event which had the crowd dancing through the night.

Barmy Winner Mr Bean

Barmy Kerry Tracy

As an 90s disco themed event all the iconic tunes were played throughout and the crowd were thoroughly entertained.

Barmy Stage Dacne

Barmy Crowd Dance

Craig Oliver General Manager said, “We do a couple of these each year. It's bingo but way different to the normal game. We had lots of the younger generation mixing with our regulars for a great night. We look forward to our next event for Halloween”


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