Stirling - Blackpool Bash 2019

Back Posted: Friday 04 October 2019

Management, staff and customers made their bi-annual trip to Blackpool in September . We enjoyed three fantastic nights in the resort to enjoy the illuminations and took in two shows, played bingo and partied into the small hours.

Our weekend started by visiting the local bingo club in Preston where both Craig our General Manager  and Christopher our caller and Gaming Floor supervisor showed everyone just how easy it is to play the game of bingo and win! Craig was said to be dancing in the isles with joy or was it just Gin…..?

Bus Bingo


The group visited our favourite bar in Blackpool, The Merrie England and said our final farewell to legendary comedian Joey Blower who has been entertaining us on our Blackpool weekend for many years. (He finishes up at the end of the season when they close for good.)

Merrie England

On Saturday Night we travelled by coach to The Pleasure Beach for a comedy Hypnosis show performed by another Blackpool legend  Ken Webster. He was out shone  by one of our regular customers Julie who, under Ken Webster’s spell was the star of the show.



Oor Mag, 75 was the star of the weekend. She partied from start to finish and showed the young ones how it’s done. “I only wish I had her energy” Said Craig. “Mag is full of life and was the heart and soul of an amazing weekend.”

Mags Dancing

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