Stirling Comedy Night

Back Posted: Monday 18 June 2018

Carlton Stirling put on their very own comedy night on Saturday 2nd June. Three of the favourite names on the Scottish comedy circuit graced the Stirling stage to entertain the crowd.

Christopher MacArthur Boyd was the host for the evening, entertaining us through discovery of the Location and the audience members themselves.

Crowd Stage

Ross Leslie was next to stage with his views, but it was Gary Meikle, who gave us a taster of his upcoming Fringe show “Before all this”, who had the audience in hysterics, with his story or becoming a father at a young age, and then a grandfather. His hilarious spin on life, pushed the boundaries of a challenging crowd but ultimately won in the quest to entertain.


Overall a great value night for our customers as we continue to provide and excel in our after bingo entertainment.

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