Carlton Bingo Dalkeith


Carlton Bingo, Dalkeith, is situated in the middle of Buccleuch Street, opposite the Council Offices with parking facilities a short distance away.
At Dalkeith we pride ourselves on exceptional customer care and aim to provide a caring service to every customer individually. If this is your first visit to the Bingo please make yourself known to a member of staff and we will be more than happy to help you familiarise yourself with the Premises.
Included in our facilities are a bistro, which serves hot and cold food, as well as tea, coffee and confectionery.

Joining is easy and you can do this on your first visit to any Club!


20 Buccleuch Street,
EH22 1HA

Tel: 0131 663 2109 

Fax: 0131 660 6871

Manager: Mrs Lauren Wallbanks

Prices and Times

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Early Session Main Session Paper Prices Electronic Prices from
Mon n/a 1.40pm £5.00 £12.00
Tues 1.00pm 1.40pm £10.00 £16.50
Wed n/a 1.40pm £5.00 £12.00
Thur 1.00pm 1.40pm £10.00 £16.50
Fri 1.00pm 1.40pm £10.00 £16.50
Sat 12.00pm 1.45pm £12.50 £21.00
Sun n/a 1.45pm £5.00 £12.00
Early Session Main Session Paper Prices Electronic Prices from
Mon 6.50pm 7.30pm £14.00 £24.00
Tues 6.50pm 7.30pm £6.00 £13.00
Wed 6.50pm 7.30pm £14.00 £24.00
Thur 6.50pm 7.30pm £14.00 £25.00
Fri 6.50pm 7.30pm £14.00 £25.00
Sat 6.50pm 7.30pm £14.00 £25.00
Sun 6.50pm 7.30pm £14.00 £25.00

Please note this is our standard times and prices which may vary on special promotions

What's On

June 2019 Promotions
Saturday 1st June
Sat 1St June
Half Price Bingo!
Sun 2Nd June
Mondays and Thursdays in June
Mon Thurs Eve June
Free Bingo - Tuesday Nights
Tues Nights
Friday 7th June
First Friday Month
Father's Day
Fathers Day Eve 16Th June
Wicked Wednesday
Wicked Wed 19Th June
Two's Day
Twos Day Aft Eve 25Th June
Friday 28th June
Friday Eve 28Th June
Saturday 29th June
Last Sat Month
Sunday 30th June
Super Sunday
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