Carlton East Kilbride


Carlton Bingo East Kilbride is situated in the busy town centre shopping complex.  We have two entrances, one in the Southgate centre shopping mall, and the other at the rear of the hall near the main service road.

The shopping centre has several car parks, and has free parking after 4pm on a Thursday and all day Sunday. The car park at the rear of the building is permit holders only during the day, but is available during the evening sessions.
East Kilbrides main bus station is a short walk away along the Olympia Mall.

Joining is easy and you can do this on your first visit to any Club!


11 Southgate Centre,
East Kilbride,
G74 1LT 

Tel: 01355 233200 

Fax: 01355 231138

Manager: Mr Chris Kerr 

Prices and Times

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Doors Open Main Session Paper Prices Electronic Prices from
Mon 10.30AM 11.45am £2.50 £7.50
Tues 10.30AM 11.45am £2.50 £7.50
Wed 10.30AM 11.45am £6.00 £8.75
Thur 10.30AM 11.45am £5.00 £6.50
Fri 10.30AM 11.45am £5.00 £8.50
Sat 10.30AM 11.45am £6.00 £8.75
Sun 12.30PM n/a n/a n/a
Early Session Main Session Paper Prices Electronic Prices from
Mon 12.50pm 1.30pm £11.00 £15.00
Tues 12.50pm 1.30pm £11.00 £15.00
Wed 12.50pm 1.30pm £11.00 £20.00
Thur 12.50pm 1.30pm £5.00 £10.00
Fri 12.50pm 1.30pm £11.00 £20.00
Sat 1.00pm 1.45pm £14.00 £20.00
Sun 1.00pm 1.45pm £5.00 £16.50
Early Session Main Session Paper Prices Electronic Prices from
Mon 6.50pm 7.30pm £13.00 £20.00
Tues 6.50pm 7.30pm £13.00 £20.00
Wed 6.50pm 7.30pm £13.00 £20.00
Thur 6.50pm 7.30pm £7.00 £17.00
Fri 6.50pm 7.30pm £13.00 £20.00
Sat 6.50pm 7.30pm £13.00 £20.00
Sun 6.50pm 7.30pm £13.00 £20.00

Please note this is our standard times and prices which may vary on special promotions

What's On

February 2020 Promotions
Valentine's Bingo in a Bag (Afternoon & Evening)
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