The Online Bingo Community

One of the great advantages of playing online bingo online is the warm and welcoming community who enjoy Carlton Bingo. When you play bingo, or any of our fun side games, you can chat with fellow bingo fans during, or in between games. If you want to concentrate on chat, simply set your dabber to automatic.

This means that your numbers will be crossed off for you as they are called, ensuring that you don't miss a thing just because you are chatting to a friend.

There is always a CHAT ROOM MODERATOR (CRM) on duty at Carlton Bingo. Their job is to answer any queries you may have as well chat to customers and play chat games at different times of the day.

If you are unsure of anything just ask your CRM, or simply ask other players, you will find every one is very friendly and accommodating. Carlton Bingo appeals to all age groups and from all parts of the country so you may be chatting to lots of different people online. You do not have to chat of course, you may just want to watch and see what happens when you first join.There are lots of tips about chat rooms and chatting in our Chat Room section.

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